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The Many Faces of Kristen Wiig …and a Love Letter

Dear Kristen,

You have made us laugh till we cried on Saturday Night Live!

The hilarity began in 2005.

You would make us LOL, ROTFL and LMAO.

But on to greater things you now go.

I know it my dear Kristen, yes I know.

My DVR will miss you and so will I.

See you on the big screen soon,

And here’s mud in your eye!


4 comments on “The Many Faces of Kristen Wiig …and a Love Letter

  1. I don’t want Kristen Wigg to leave SNL! Oh well, I loved her so much. Thanks for the many laughs too

    • Thanks! She is inspirational! If she doesn’t focus strictly on movie projects I think she could be the next Carol Burnett on T.V.

  2. Easily the next Carol Burnett. Good comparison, even though all comparisons are odious. She’s brilliantly funny and you’ve done her justice. I loved the Target lady the most and Gilly the least.

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