UPON A DAWN ~ Stuff I wrote (as just a boy)


Sunlight finds a home upon a rested solemn face,

a momentary spectacle the shadows soon replace.

Lips and eyes expressionless so softly do they speak,

of beauty, love and innocence, all wonder at its peak.


Ivory sheets of silk and lace define her tender frame,

such features paint a picture to immortalize her name.

Unconscious radiation from a source that runs so deep,

as long as she’s beside me in my dreams she’ll always sleep.

ghfool – 1984

About ghfool

My life ambition is to be a bird

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  1. What a beauty in expression! Amazingly incredible!

    • Thanks! The best part is that I still feel the same about relationships 28 years later Just looking for my next (and hopefully final) mate..

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