FB Cheddar: or, How to get your CHEESE On! or, Holy Asiago Batman!


  • Watching a cheesy movie…

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The Mozzarella Connection? The Parmesan Chronicles? Harry Potter and the Chamber of Swiss? Monty Python and the Holy Gouda? The Hunger Ricotta?

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 Tell me damnit! Or I will continue to soil this post!

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Anonymous It was an awful flick called …

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The Cheddar Redemption?

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Anonymous Romano Holiday

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The Wizard of Muenster!

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 Romano Holiday is not cheesy. It’s one of the best movies ever! Gregory Peck and AUDREY HEPBURN (can you say goddess). Tell me you’re kidding.

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s I’m kidding

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 Pepper Jack Blackula?

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 Provalone vs. Gorgonzola?

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OK. Thanks for inspiring a future blog. All my comments are now copyright protected.

My Left Feta?

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Please comment with your own cheese titled movie.


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My life ambition is to be a bird

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  1. Born Brie, Ferris Gouda’s Day Off,
    St. Emmentaler’s Fire, Swiss Cheese Family Robinson, Bedknobs and Mozarella sticks.

  2. H Jay Rockaway

    I’ve been in a Humboldt Fog for so long so now give me some Roumy here. I’m gonna’ come out Frumunda this rock long enough to Herve some kind of epiphany. Let me tell you my Saga. I tried Tybo, but it didn’t change my Aura at all. Then, because I’m such a Weisslacker, I decided to try my hand as a Trappista artist. Then I tried out for man of La Mancha. That did not go so Gouda. These burdens I will take to my Greve. Please remember it is Nacho place to judge me. Thank you for your time Syr.

  3. H Jay Rockaway

    I didn’t want to be Lingallin around here too long.

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