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My Thunderstorm

If you seek relaxation or some kind of spiritual moment…then this might work for you. If you would rather focus on heated discourse and maybe argue about abortion or marriage rights then this might not…or just maybe it will…put your mind in the right mood…for such a discourse. It is approx. 10 min long, so if you can’t take ten minutes out of your day to REFLECT on your life, then just close your eyes and listen as long as you can. You can stop it anytime, of  course, but the secret to relaxation is letting loose and unfocusing!

JSYK…The last third is totally dark except occasional scenes of thunder lighting up the sky that you might want to see…it’s your choice. Everything is a choice.

Love.Peace. Happiness


Find Your SMILE – Happy Face!

Today, I walked down to the river for a moment of Zen and I took a few photos. When I uploaded them moments ago, I discovered this.

Often times you find your SMILE just at the moment when you stop looking for it.

Peace. Love. Happiness





Naught-e Cards Strike Back! or, North Carolina “Gateway Hugs” – Status Update

How many things do you have to mix together until you become Heath Ledger? (what, too soon…really?)

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Oh and there is a typo in one of them…can you find it?




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