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Nature’s Dance: Stuff I wrote (as just a boy)

Nature’s Dance

Orange ember, golden glow
Horizontal spectrum flow
Emerald carpet, diamond shore
Crested force, a lion’s roar

Jagged granite, breathy breeze
Softened cracks befriend a tree
Emerald carpet, diamond shore
Waiting just outside the door

Orange ember, golden glow
Rising passion, fire show
Fuzzy blanket, tender hips
Cold champagne on sweaty lips

Hard to find and hard to keep
Mountains high and valleys deep
Blinding sunlight, winged dove
Denouement, forever love


SOUND WITHIN A SHELL ~ Stuff I wrote (as just a boy)



Inside the conch is captured a very special sound

It sleeps within the chambers which are intricately wound

It whispers out and beckons me to place it to my ear

I close my eyes and wonder of the things I long to hear

The sea breeze chills my body and my feet sink in the sand

The breakers toss up salt spray when they crash upon the land

The serenity encompasses my body and my mind

And I think about the woman that time has left behind

Her beauty was like the ocean; her voice was like the breeze

Her life was the horizon that my hands could not quite seize

And somewhere in my past the time had come to say “farewell”

But our love is forever captured by the sound within a shell


UPON A DAWN ~ Stuff I wrote (as just a boy)


Sunlight finds a home upon a rested solemn face,

a momentary spectacle the shadows soon replace.

Lips and eyes expressionless so softly do they speak,

of beauty, love and innocence, all wonder at its peak.


Ivory sheets of silk and lace define her tender frame,

such features paint a picture to immortalize her name.

Unconscious radiation from a source that runs so deep,

as long as she’s beside me in my dreams she’ll always sleep.

ghfool – 1984


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