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I See Dead People..and by people I mean Cats, Bats and Rattlesnakes!

I see dead...stuff

I travel a lot in my job. But I don’t have to hassle with airports, luggage, crying babies, obese people sneezing on me or foreign languages. Because I drive everywhere. So you might be asking yourself, self how does he get to Paris, Athens or Maui in his car? The answer is easy, I don’t go to those boring places. I travel to Driftwood, Dripping Springs, Pflugerville, Luling, Lockhart, San Marcos, Fischer, Niederwald, Gonzalez, Wimberley and New Braunfels. It doesn’t get much better than that!

And in my travels, I see lots of animals…most of which have lost the capacity to breathe, . So we are gonna play a little game I like to call…

If you’re squeamish then just pretend that everything is alive, not dead or soon to be dead…unless it scares you that it might be alive, in which case you should consider it DEAD, or at least napping.

I took this photo with my shoe-cam

Rattlesnake really does taste like chicken

Turtle soup is awesome!

Left hook to the right eye?

Madame Tussauds got it right this time

Pieces of PIG

Cat formerly known as Princess



Tortoise, Deer and Pork Rinds…What do they have in common?

Fjord Tortoise

I’ve experienced two unusual traffic situations two days in a row. Yesterday it was a Ford and today is was a Jeep.

To your left is the culprit in yesterday’s massive traffic jam in Dale, Texas. He/she is considered a fugitive and is thought to be armed (or is it legged?) and dangerously green. Also, deceivingly slow and about the size of a large turkey platter. Significant markings include pond scum in the shape of the Ralph Lauren Polo Pony on rear quarters and a tongue stud. A reward is being offered for any information leading to its ultimate live capture and/or creative use of its remains in a bisque.

The other traffic incident occurred today near Driftwood, TX. Home of “Salt Lick” BBQ!

Danger, road ahead!

I had just passed the restaurant and was seriously wishing I had followed my instincts and grabbed some take-out ribs. They would have been perfect to gnaw on while I waited 25 minutes for the police to clear the accident. You would think someone would have been injured but their was no ambulance and I was second on the scene.  I think the driver is the guy in the freshly pressed white T-shirt and Luv’s Truck Stop cap. Hands on hips as if saying,

“Swear ta God, that river weren’t there a minute ago.”

My advice is try waiting to chug your lite beer until AFTER you cleared the curve next time! And honestly, I don’t know how he survived…maybe the bag of pork rinds in his lap softened the impact.

My first eight-point!

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings. Maybe I’ll get lucky and bag a nice buck, legally, out-of-season!



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