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Return of More DEMOTIVATIONAL Sayings: or, Santa Claus, Ninjas and the Dirty Mind

This is all borrowed material, just sharing…Enjoy!


SLICE OF LIFE: or, Things I Whittled and Other NONSENSE: or, SUCK IT!

I took up whittling a couple of years ago, but have slowed down a bit since I sliced my left thumb off (well, almost). I did get to SUCK IT** as I drove myself to the Emergency Clinic…which was kinda satisfying.

REMEMBER: Always cut AWAY from your body!*

*Unless you’re trying to cut yourself on purpose, in which case, you should just drop the knife (scissors, chainsaw, thighmaster etc.) and drive yourself immediately to the Emergency Clinic.

**Thumb sucking is optional.


MORE Naught-e Cards! or, “Merry Xmas Douchebags!”

Instead of tequilla shots, I tried a slightly different substance to inspire these. Enjoy, and please “follow” by merely providing your email address in the section to your right.

BONUS! New Addition!




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